Chris Dawson

Meet Chris Dawson, our Appliance Blog Author


Chris Dawson is an esteemed appliance blogger for Get A Pro Appliance Repair, leveraging nearly a decade of experience as an appliance technician to enrich our appliance blog with insightful content.

Transitioning from hands-on repairs to blogging, Chris aims to share his in-depth knowledge and experience with both aspiring appliance technicians and homeowners.


  • Experience: 7+ Years in Appliance Repair
  • Expertise: Appliance Repair, Maintenance, Tips, and Guides
  • Joined Get A Pro Appliance Repair: October 29, 2021

Chris’s journey in the appliance repair industry began nearly ten years ago, quickly establishing himself as a skilled technician. His transition to blogging was driven by a desire to reach a broader audience, providing valuable insights into appliance maintenance, repair best practices, and the latest trends in the industry.


Chris’s blog posts are a treasure trove of information, offering readers:

    • Practical advice on appliance maintenance and repair
    • Step-by-step guides for common appliance issues
    • Updates on the latest trends and innovations in the appliance industry

Get in Touch

Chris is always eager to connect with readers and professionals. For inquiries, tips, or to share your appliance repair stories, reach out to Chris at:

Email: [email protected]

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