Anna Yavich

Anna Yavich - Photographer and Social Media Manager of Get A Pro Appliance Repair

Anna Yavich, the photographer & social media manager from Yavich Photography in Durham, has been central to defining and enhancing Get A Pro Appliance Repair online presence.

  • Role: Photographer & Social Media Manager
  • Experience: 4+ Years
  • Expertise: Photography & Social Media
  • Joined Get A Pro Appliance Repair: Feb 06, 2022


As the creative force behind Get A Pro Appliance Repair’s visual and digital narratives, Anna has seamlessly integrated the art of visual storytelling with the company’s mission to provide exceptional appliance repair services.

With a rich background in photography and digital marketing, Anna embarked on this journey, aiming to bridge the gap between technical expertise and engaging customer interaction.

At the core of Anna’s work lies a deep-seated belief in the importance of authenticity and relatability, principles that have guided their approach to creating content that resonates with viewers and builds a stronger, more engaged community around the brand.


The journey began with a simple yet profound belief in the power of images to communicate, tell a story, and evoke emotions. This belief, coupled with a passion for exploring the dynamic world of social media, has allowed Anna to develop a unique visual language that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of the audience.

  • Photography & Editing
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Content Promotion & Marketing

Anna brings a unique blend of creativity, marketing savvy, and technical photography skills to the team. This combination of talents has been instrumental in elevating the company’s digital footprint and engaging with a broader audience through compelling visual content and interactive social media campaigns.


Brand Visual Identity

Crafted a compelling visual identity for the brand, capturing the essence of the services and team spirit through photography.

Social Media Engagement

Developed and implemented social media strategies that increased engagement, followers, and customer interaction.

Content Creation

Produced creative content that resonates with the audience, showcasing the company’s expertise and community involvement.

Digital Marketing

Leveraged digital platforms to enhance the company’s visibility and market reach, driving growth and customer acquisition.

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