Daniel Guberman

Daniel Guberman - CEO of Get A Pro Appliance Repair

Meet Daniel, the driving force behind Get A Pro Appliance Repair. Our Founder and Operation Manager lead with vision and expertise, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our appliance repair services.

  • Role: Founder / Operation Manager
  • Experience: 10+ Years
  • Expertise: Home Repair Services
  • Founded Get A Pro Appliance Repair: Jan 11, 2016


Daniel and his wife Irit Guberman, embarked on a journey to create a family-run business that not only serves the community but also strengthens the bonds within it. Daniel, with his entrepreneurial spirit and a profound sense of responsibility towards both his family and the community, saw an opportunity to make a meaningful impact through Get A Pro Appliance Repair.

Their commitment to excellence and their dedication to their client’s satisfaction have been instrumental in shaping the company’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy service provider. Under their leadership, Get A Pro Appliance Repair has grown to embody the spirit of community service, setting a standard for quality and care that goes beyond the expectations in Toronto and nearby regions of Southern Ontario.


  • Over 10 years of experience in home appliance repair
  • Certified appliance repair technician with expertise in a wide range of household appliances.
  • Successful track record of leading and scaling service-based businesses.
  • Deep understanding of customer service excellence and quality assurance.

Daniel’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has been pivotal in establishing Get A Pro Canada as a trusted name in the appliance repair industry. Under his leadership, the company continues to expand, offering services to customers while fostering a supportive and innovative work environment for the team.


Visionary Leadership

Established the company with a commitment to providing high-quality, reliable appliance repair services. Set the strategic direction to ensure growth and customer satisfaction.

Operational Excellence

Implemented efficient operational processes that minimize downtime and enhance service delivery. Developed a comprehensive training program for technicians to ensure top-notch service.

Customer Service Model

Designed and instituted a customer service model that focuses on transparency, reliability, and responsiveness, significantly increasing customer trust and loyalty.

Business Growth

Spearheaded business development efforts, expanding service offerings and entering new markets. Fostered partnerships with appliance manufacturers and suppliers to enhance service capabilities.

Team Building

Cultivated a positive and productive work environment, attracting and retaining skilled professionals. Established a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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