Irit Guberman

Irit Guberman - Co Founder of Get A Pro Appliance Repair

Meet Irit Guberman, the co-founder and office manager of Get A Pro Appliance Repair. From scheduling repairs so no customer is left waiting, to keeping track of all the supplies. This role is all about being organized and making sure the team can do their best work

  • Role: Co-Founder / Office Manager
  • Experience: 8+ Years
  • Expertise: Office Management & Customer Relations
  • Co-Founded Get A Pro Appliance Repair: Jan 11, 2016


Irit Guberman, serving as the Co-founder and Office Manager of Get A Pro Appliance Repair, has been instrumental in shaping the operational and customer service strategies that define the company.

With a background in office administration and a rich history in customer relations through various companies, Irit has adeptly combined her organizational skills with a keen understanding of customer needs, creating an operational framework that supports both efficiency and satisfaction.

Her partnership with Daniel Guberman in founding the company was rooted in a shared vision of a family-run business that prioritizes quality, integrity, and community service.


  • specialization in office and team management.
  • Experience in customer service and office management, particularly within the service industry.
  • Implementing effective organizational systems and customer service protocols.

Irit has always believed in a well-organized structure to ensure the smooth operation of any kind. With a background in administration and a natural flair for managing complex operations, Irit has been pivotal in shaping the company’s operational structure and customer service excellence.


Administrative Leadership

Oversaw the administrative functions of the business, ensuring that all back-office operations support the company’s growth and service quality.

Customer Relationship Management

Developed a customer relationship management strategy that emphasizes personalized service and long-term customer engagement.

Operational Efficiency

Implemented systematic processes and workflows to enhance operational efficiency and service delivery.

Team Coordination

Fostered a collaborative work environment that encourages teamwork and productivity among staff.

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