Samsung Dishwasher Not Dispensing Soap And How To Fix It

Samsung Dishwasher Not Dispensing Soap And How To Fix It
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1. Examine Soap Reservoir

When troubleshooting a Samsung dishwasher that isn’t dispensing soap, start by examining the soap reservoir:

  • Open the dishwasher door and locate the soap reservoir, usually inside the door or at the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • Check for blockages or residue that could be obstructing detergent flow.
  • Remove any buildup using warm water and a soft brush or cloth.
  • Look for cracks or damage on the reservoir; if found, consider replacing it.
  • Regularly maintain the dishwasher’s filter system to ensure proper detergent dispensing.

Maintaining clean filters helps prevent water flow issues that can affect detergent distribution. Follow Samsung’s recommended maintenance guidelines to keep your dishwasher functioning smoothly.

2. Check the Soap Dispenser Door Operation

When troubleshooting soap dispensing issues with your Samsung dishwasher, focus on the soap dispenser door’s functionality. Here’s how:

  • Check for obstructions blocking the soap dispenser door’s movement.
  • Inspect the dispenser for damage like cracks, broken hinges, or loose parts.
  • Replace or repair the dispenser if any issues are found.

Also, ensure proper detergent usage by:

  • Following recommended detergent amounts from the user manual.
  • Considering water hardness and load size for appropriate detergent quantities.
  • Using hot water to aid detergent dissolution and enhance cleaning performance.

Run hot water at the sink before starting the dishwasher for optimal results. By addressing soap dispenser door issues and adjusting detergent usage and water temperature, you can effectively resolve soap dispensing problems without professional assistance.

3. Assess Water Temperature

When dealing with a soap dispenser not working issue in a Samsung dishwasher, assessing water temperature is key. Here’s how:

  • Check your hot water heater’s temperature setting; around 120°F (49°C) is ideal.
  • Ensure to run hot water at the sink faucet before starting the dishwasher cycle for consistent hot water flow.
  • Examine the dishwasher’s heating element and thermostat for potential issues affecting water temperature regulation.
  • Confirm your detergent is suitable for your Samsung dishwasher model and its recommended operating temperatures.
  • Different detergents work optimally at specific temperatures, so using the right one is crucial for effective soap dispensing.

4. Confirm Detergent Type and Quantity

When troubleshooting a Samsung dishwasher that isn’t dispensing soap, several factors need attention:

  • Detergent Type and Quantity: Ensure you’re using a detergent specifically formulated for Samsung dishwashers and follow recommended dosage instructions.
  • Water Temperature: Check if your water heater is set to around 120°F (49°C) for proper detergent dissolution.
  • Residue Buildup or Blockages: Clean the soap dispenser area thoroughly to remove any residue buildup or obstructions hindering the dispenser door.
  • Regular Maintenance: Follow your appliance’s care guide for proper filter maintenance and other essential tasks to ensure optimal functioning.

If issues persist after addressing these factors, seek professional repair services. To prevent future problems, follow loading guidelines, avoid overloading, and clean filters routinely as per Samsung’s care guide.

5. Verify Spray Arm Functionality

To ensure your Samsung dishwasher dispenses soap effectively, check the spray arm’s functionality:

  • Inspect the spray arm for debris or blockages hindering its movement.
  • Rotate it by hand to ensure smooth spinning; any resistance indicates a problem.
  • Remove the spray arm and rinse it under warm water to clear residues.
  • Clean out any debris from the water supply pipe connected to the spray arm.
  • Reattach the spray arm securely and check for smooth movement.

6. Inspect Samsung Dishwasher Filters

Inspecting the filters in your Samsung dishwasher is essential for troubleshooting soap dispensing issues. Here’s how:

  • Gather necessary tools: screwdriver and soft brush or sponge.
  • Locate the two filters: coarse filter at the bottom and fine filter beneath it.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove screws securing the filters.
  • Examine filters for blockages like food particles or hard water deposits.
  • Rinse debris under running water, being gentle with the fine filter mesh.
  • For stubborn residue, use a soft brush or sponge to scrub carefully.
  • Reinsert cleaned filters securely and tighten screws.

Regular maintenance of dishwasher filters ensures optimal performance and prevents detergent dispenser problems. After cleaning, check other potential causes like detergent type and mechanical issues. Consult Samsung’s dishwasher care guide for further maintenance tips.

7. Run Hot Water Before Initiating the Dishwasher Cycle

Running hot water before starting your Samsung dishwasher cycle is vital for optimal performance. Here’s why:

  • Pre-heating water ensures the dishwasher reaches the necessary temperature for effective cleaning and detergent activation.
  • Hot water aids in dissolving detergent, promoting even distribution during the wash cycle.
  • It helps prevent blockages caused by cold water, reducing issues like incomplete cycles or dirty dishes.

Incorporate this pre-cycle routine to avoid soap dispenser malfunctions and ensure clean dishes. If problems persist despite this step, consider consulting a professional Samsung appliance repair service for further assistance.

8. Check for Mechanical Problems

When dealing with a Samsung dishwasher that isn’t dispensing soap, it’s crucial to check for mechanical issues. Here’s how:

  • Examine the detergent dispenser door to ensure it opens and closes properly.
  • Clean around the dispenser area to remove any residue or obstruction.
  • Check the spray arm for rotation and clear any debris blocking water flow.
  • Inspect internal components like filters and water inlet valves for blockages.
  • Clean filters following the dishwasher’s care guide using mild detergent.
  • Try restarting your dishwasher with a model-specific reset procedure if needed.

9. Execute a Dishwasher Reset Procedure

When troubleshooting a Samsung dishwasher that isn’t dispensing soap, consider trying a reset:

  • Turn off the dishwasher and unplug it for five minutes to discharge residual electricity.
  • Plug the dishwasher back in and turn it on.
  • Press and hold the “Cancel” or “Start/Cancel” button for about three seconds to reset the control panel. Additional buttons like “Delay Start” or “High-Temp Wash” may need pressing, depending on the model.

10. Consult Professional Samsung Dishwasher Repair Services

When dealing with persistent soap dispensing issues in your Samsung dishwasher, seeking professional repair services can offer several advantages:

  • Expertise: Professional technicians possess the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix complex mechanical problems accurately.
  • Specialized Tools: They have access to specialized tools designed for dishwasher troubleshooting, ensuring more precise diagnoses and efficient repairs.
  • Component Inspection: Professionals can thoroughly inspect specific components like the detergent dispenser door, spray arm, and filters to identify any obstructions or malfunctions.
  • Model-specific Knowledge: They are familiar with common issues associated with Samsung dishwashers and can offer tailored solutions, including advice on detergent usage.
  • Preventive Guidance: Professionals can provide maintenance tips to prevent future dispenser problems, based on Samsung’s dishwasher care guidelines.

By consulting professional Samsung dishwasher repair services, you can expect comprehensive expertise in resolving soap dispensing issues effectively, ensuring your dishwasher’s optimal performance is restored.

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How To Prevent Soap Dispensing Issues in a Samsung Dishwasher

To prevent soap dispensing issues in your Samsung dishwasher, follow these proactive steps:

  • Use the correct detergent: Ensure you’re using the detergent specifically designed for Samsung dishwashers. Check your dishwasher’s manual or contact Samsung support for recommendations.
  • Regular maintenance: Clean the detergent dispenser and its components regularly to prevent residue buildup that can affect proper dispensing. Inspect the dispenser door for damage or blockage.
  • Pay attention to water temperature: Run hot water before starting a cycle to ensure optimal detergent dissolution and effective soap dispensing throughout the wash.
  • Schedule routine maintenance: Consider scheduling maintenance checks with professional appliance repair services specializing in Samsung appliances. They can identify and fix mechanical issues that may affect soap dispensing.

By following these steps, you can reduce soap dispensing problems in your Samsung dishwasher, ensuring consistently clean dishes without interruptions.


Troubleshooting and resolving soap dispensing issues in a Samsung dishwasher requires a systematic approach. By carefully examining the soap reservoir and ensuring its proper functioning, checking the soap dispenser door operation, assessing water temperature and detergent type and quantity, verifying spray arm functionality, inspecting dishwasher filters, running hot water before initiating the cycle, checking for mechanical problems, executing a dishwasher reset procedure when necessary, and consulting professional repair services when all else fails, one can effectively tackle this frustrating problem. 

These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in diagnosing and fixing complex problems related to dishwashers. In navigating through these challenges of a malfunctioning soap dispenser in your Samsung dishwasher with patience and determination using these methods mentioned above; you will soon find yourself enjoying sparkling clean dishes once more – leaving you reassured that even amidst obstacles, solutions can be found for even seemingly daunting tasks


Why is my Samsung dishwasher not dispensing soap properly?

Check the soap reservoir for the correct quantity and cleanliness. Ensure there are no blockages and that the soap dispenser door operates smoothly for effective soap dispensing.

How can I troubleshoot a Samsung dishwasher with detergent not dispensing?

Verify you’re using the recommended detergent type and measure the quantity accurately. Additionally, inspect and clean the spray arms and filters to ensure proper detergent distribution.

What should I do if my Samsung dishwasher’s soap dispenser door is not sealing properly?

Ensure the soap dispenser door seals correctly to prevent detergent leakage. Clean the dispenser door mechanism to maintain a proper seal during the dishwasher cycle.

How can I address a Samsung dishwasher not dispensing soap due to water temperature issues?

Validate that the hot water supply is adequate, and adjust the water heater temperature if needed. Proper water temperature is crucial for optimal soap dissolving and dispensing.

When should I consider consulting professional Samsung dishwasher repair services for soap dispensing issues?

If all troubleshooting steps fail, and your dishwasher still doesn’t dispense soap, it’s advisable to seek professional repair services to address potential mechanical or electronic issues.

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