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Looking for refrigerator repair in Scarborough within the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario? Get A Pro Appliance Repair is your answer! Our experienced and trained team of technicians is committed to providing same-day fridge services that are fast and reliable. We have your back, whether you need a clogged fridge drain repair, a fridge not cooling, or a new fridge installation service.

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Don’t pay a service call fee on top of your repair – we’ve got you covered!

Our repairs come with a FREE service call charge on ANY fridge repair– just another way we put our customers first.

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Local Fridge Repair in Scarborough

Get to know our pro refrigerator repair service here in Scarborough, Ontario. We take great pride in being your trusted local experts for fridge repair, maintenance, and installation, offering efficient and convenient refrigerator solutions.

If you encounter issues with your refrigerator, such as a failure to start, poor cooling, or water inlet problems, it’s time to contact our appliance repair team in the Greater Toronto Area to have your fridge back in working order!

In addition, we offer a FREE service call charge with ANY fridge repair in Scarborough. That’s correct; we’ll waive our house fee charge towards your fridge repair when you choose our fridge repair specialist in Scarborough.

Licensed & Insured

Being a licensed and insured refrigerator repair service provider, we operate in strict adherence to industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing timely appliance repair services. Our technicians are not only licensed but also skilled experts in refrigerator repair. With our comprehensive insurance coverage, we place a high priority on the safety and security of our customers in case of any unforeseen events during the repair process. Our commitment lies in providing safe and reliable refrigerator repair services for our cherished customers.

Same-Day Fridge Repair

We comprehend that a refrigerator making unusual noises or a fridge not cooling can be inconvenient and disrupt your daily life. That's why we provide same-day refrigerator repair services. In most instances, our technicians arrive with the essential tools and components to diagnose and fix your refrigerator on the same day you reach out. We place our customers' needs at the forefront and make it a priority to offer prompt and trustworthy refrigerator repair services. With our same-day refrigerator repair service nearby, you can have your fridge functioning smoothly once more in no time.

Experienced Team

Our dedicated team consists of professionals with extensive industry expertise. Whether it's our office staff or our technicians, we all share a unified dedication to providing expert service that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations. With a wealth of experience in our repertoire, we've faced and effectively resolved numerous refrigerator repair challenges, equipping us with the skills and knowledge to address even the most complex refrigerator repair issues.

Warranty on Parts & Labour

We take pride in the quality of our services and the components we use, and our dedication is steadfast when it comes to providing a reliable refrigerator repair solution. Our generous up-to-one-year warranty assures you that you're not only getting excellent value for your investment but also peace of mind. Our team of experienced technicians exclusively uses high-quality parts from well-established manufacturers, ensuring that your refrigerator repair is done correctly on the first visit. And should the unexpected occur, you can relax knowing that our warranty covers both parts and labor.

Get A Pro Appliance RepairKey Features
AvailabilitySame-Day Appliance Repair
Business Hours7-Days a Week / Mon-Sun 8am-9pm
Service AreaServicing the GTA and surrounding regions
Service BrandsServicing Over 50 Fridge Brands
ExperienceOver 7 Years of Experience
Work QualityCommitted to Excellence
WarrantyUp to 1-Year Parts and Labour
PricesCompetitive Market Prices
Customer ServiceCustomer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Refrigerators We Repair In Scarborough

At Get A Pro Appliance Repair, we provide a great range of refrigerator repair services to meet the unique needs of our customers. We understand that each fridge has its unique features and issues that need to be addressed. That’s why our team of technicians is trained to handle various types of refrigerator repairs.

That includes but not limited to:

  • Fridge not cooling or not starting
  • Fridge is leaking or the freezer is leaking water
  • Fridge too warm or has fluctuating temperature

French door, side-by-side, bottom freezer, top freezer, built-in fridge, wine cooler, ice maker, or compressor repairs are most of the fridge types we repair in Scarborough. We specialize in repairing common problems like faulty ice makers, broken compressors, leakages, and more.

We are committed to providing quick and reliable refrigerator repair services near you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our Scarborough ​ skilled technicians.

French-Door Fridge Repair


French-Door Refrigerators are a sought-after choice due to their spacious interiors and modern design. However, similar to any household appliance, they can develop issues over time. Our appliance technicians specialize in French-Door Refrigerator Repairs and are fully equipped to address a variety of repair needs, from malfunctioning doors and ice maker problems to issues with water filters, refrigerator water valves, and more.

French door fridges in the Scarborough area may also experience temperature control problems, such as inadequate cooling in the fridge or freezer. This can stem from various issues, including a faulty thermostat, a malfunctioning fan, or a clogged condenser coil. Another common issue is a noisy compressor or condenser fan, which can be attributed to a worn-out motor or a damaged bearing.

Rest assured, we offer swift and dependable appliance repair in Scarborough to ensure your French-Door Refrigerator runs efficiently and smoothly, even during holidays when you rely on it the most!


Side-By-Side Fridge Repair


Side-by-Side Refrigerators are a favored refrigerator type, recognized for their vertical separation between the fridge and freezer compartments. These refrigerators are celebrated for their generous interior space and efficient organization, featuring broad shelves and abundant door storage. However, much like any household appliance, side-by-side fridges may encounter malfunctions and require repairs.

One of the most prevalent issues with side-by-side refrigerators is temperature control. If the fridge or freezer compartments in Scarborough are too warm or too cold, it can lead to food spoilage and other inconveniences. This may be attributed to a faulty thermostat, a malfunctioning defrost system, or complications with the evaporator fan or condenser coils. Our seasoned technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and rectify these issues, ensuring that your fridge operates optimally.

Furthermore, side-by-side refrigerators in Scarborough may encounter difficulties with their ice makers or dispensers. These problems can encompass issues with ice production, dispenser blockages, or malfunctioning ice maker motors. Our specialists are well-equipped to repair these intricate components and restore your fridge’s ice production to its intended state.

Regardless of the problem with your side-by-side fridge in Scarborough, our team of proficient technicians is ready to assist. Contact us today to schedule a repair and guarantee the proper operation of your refrigerator.

Bottom-Freezer Fridge Repair


Bottom Freezer Refrigerators feature the freezer compartment positioned beneath the refrigerator section, and they are commonly found in apartments, condos, and smaller homes in Scarborough.

A typical issue with bottom freezer refrigerators is a malfunctioning defrost mechanism, which can lead to frost and ice buildup inside the freezer, causing the appliance to work excessively and consume more energy. Problems with the cooling system, resulting in inadequate cooling or total failure, may be linked to a defective compressor. Malfunctioning fan motors can lead to insufficient air circulation, causing temperature fluctuations and food spoilage. Lastly, temperature regulation issues might be related to a faulty thermostat or sensor, leading to cooling system problems.

If you encounter any of these issues with your bottom freezer refrigerator in Scarborough, it’s crucial to seek professional repair services promptly to prevent further damage to your appliance. Our company employs licensed experts with extensive experience in repairing all models of bottom freezer refrigerators. Contact us without delay to schedule an appointment, and our specialists will promptly diagnose and rectify the issue, restoring your refrigerator to its peak performance.


Top-Freezer Fridge Repair


Top Freezer Refrigerators are among the most popular refrigerator types found in homes today. They feature a freezer compartment at the top and a refrigerator compartment at the bottom, making them a common choice for apartments, condos, and smaller homes in Scarborough due to their space-saving design.

The market offers various variations of top freezer fridges, including models with adjustable shelves, door storage, and built-in icemakers. These refrigerators come in different sizes to accommodate users’ diverse needs.

Common repair issues with top freezer fridges can encompass problems with the defrost system, thermostat, and door gaskets. It’s essential to promptly address these issues to prevent food spoilage and potential appliance damage. At our company, we provide top-quality repair services for all types of top freezer fridges in Scarborough, including same-day repairs and a satisfaction guarantee.

Built-In Fridge Repair

Built-in fridges are typically found in modern kitchens where homeowners desire a sleek and integrated look. They are built into cabinetry and can be customized to match the surrounding decor. Built-in fridges are popular in high-end homes and apartments due to their premium design and space-saving features.

Common repairs for built-in fridges include malfunctioning compressors, leaking water lines, and thermostat issues. As these fridges are integrated into the cabinetry, repairs can be complex and require specialized knowledge and tools.

The complexity of work doesn’t scare us – big or small we will do it all and like a Pro! Contact Us today for a same-day built-in fridge repair near you!


Wine Cooler Repair


Wine coolers are specialized refrigeration units designed to store and chill wine at precise temperatures. They are a common sight in many households, restaurants, and bars where wine is frequently enjoyed. Wine coolers come in various sizes and types, including countertop, freestanding, built-in, and dual-zone wine coolers, making them versatile for different needs in Scarborough.

Common wine cooler issues may include problems with temperature regulation, fan malfunctions, and difficulties with the door seal. These issues can lead to wine spoilage, flavor degradation, or unpleasant odors. Regular maintenance practices like cleaning the coils and replacing filters can help prevent these problems and extend the lifespan of your wine cooler.

If you encounter any problems with your wine cooler in Scarborough, it’s advisable to reach out to an appliance repair service to identify and resolve the issue promptly

Ice Maker Repair


Ice makers are a common feature in modern refrigerators, especially in high-end models. They come in various types, including automatic and manual, and are designed to efficiently produce ice. Automatic ice makers use an electric motor and a heating element to create ice cubes, while manual ice makers require users to fill trays with water and place them in the freezer for freezing.

Nevertheless, common issues can affect top ice makers, necessitating repair. These problems may include a clogged water supply line, a malfunctioning water inlet valve, a faulty ice maker module, or, in rare cases, issues with the power control board or motherboard. These issues can result in the ice maker not working, producing insufficient ice, or leaking.

Our company provides professional ice maker repair services for all types ice makers, ensuring that your refrigerator operates at full capacity and produces ice as required.


Refrigerator Compressor Repair


A compressor serves as a critical component of a refrigerator, facilitating the cooling of food and beverages. Its operation involves compressing the refrigerant gas and pushing it through the condenser, releasing heat and subsequently cooling the fridge. We understand the significance of a well-functioning compressor and provide reliable and efficient repair services for most refrigerator brands and models in Scarborough.

Customers frequently encounter issues with their refrigerator compressor, such as the fridge making noise, the fridge not cooling, or the freezer not cooling. Multiple factors, including dirty condenser coils, refrigerant leakage, or malfunctioning start relays, can lead to these problems. If you suspect that your compressor is not functioning correctly, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

We can offer a price estimate over the phone if you provide us with your fridge’s brand, model number, and a description of the problem. In cases where some details are unclear, we may recommend booking an appointment. Our skilled experts possess the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair any compressor-related issue, restoring your refrigerator’s quiet and efficient operation.

Don’t allow a malfunctioning compressor to disrupt your day! Reach out to us promptly to schedule a compressor repair service appointment and enjoy peace of mind with a fully operational refrigerator in Scarborough.

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Refrigerator Problems We Repair

  • Fridge Is Not Working
  • Fridge Doesn’t Start
  • Fridge Doesn’t Power On
  • Fridge Is Flashing Error Code
  • Control Panel Blinking

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Get a Pro Appliance Repair is now offering a special discount to all our online customers. Get $35 OFF on any fridge repair service.

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Our team will reach out to you to confirm your appointment after you’ve booked with us. When we call, don’t forget to confirm that your discount has been applied so you can enjoy the savings we’re offering.

Get a Pro Appliance Repair is now offering a special discount to all our online customers. Get $35 OFF on any fridge repair service.

We value our senior customers and their needs. Therefore, we offer a senior discount of $40 OFF on any fridge repair service.

And that’s not all – if you need two or more appliances installed, you can get $75 OFF on the installation service.

Our team will reach out to you to confirm your appointment after you’ve booked with us. When we call, don’t forget to confirm that your discount has been applied so you can enjoy the savings we’re offering.


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Scarborough Refrigerator Repair Service

Get A Pro Appliance Repair is your trusted expert when it comes to refrigerator repair in Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve refined our expertise to provide professional refrigerator repair and maintenance services, guaranteeing the seamless performance of your appliances, even during demanding times like the holiday season or with a new addition to the family.

With over 7 years of dedicated experience in the field, we are dedicated to delivering prompt same-day refrigerator repair services in Scarborough and its vicinity, eliminating the need for extended waits for appliance repairs.

Our team of insured and licensed refrigerator technicians specializes in residential fridge repair and maintenance. We’re here to address your immediate needs with our emergency refrigerator repair services. Our proficiency encompasses over 50 appliance brands, equipping us to tackle refrigerator issues such as compressor replacement, repairs, and thorough fridge cleaning.

We also provide services like fridge door seal replacement and refrigerator ice maker replacement, ensuring your refrigerator is in excellent condition. Trust Get A Pro Appliance Repair to keep your fridge running smoothly in Scarborough.

Refrigerator Repair in Scarborough

In the heart of Scarborough, nestled within the Greater Toronto Area, we are committed to offering cost-effective refrigerator repair services tailored to the prevailing market rates. At Get A Pro Appliance Repair, we recognize the importance of providing our valued customers with competitive pricing.

Our experienced technicians will provide you with a clear estimate for your refrigerator repair expenses upfront, ensuring transparency and equipping you with the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding whether to proceed with the repair or explore replacement options.

We are well aware of the inconvenience that accompanies non-functional appliances, particularly refrigerators. This is why we put our best efforts into delivering reliable refrigerator repair services to the residents of Scarborough and the Peel area. Don’t let a troublesome fridge disrupt your daily routine any longer.

Reach out to us today to schedule your refrigerator repair appointment and experience the Get A Pro Appliance Repair difference.

Get A Pro Fridge Repair in Scarborough

Situated in Scarborough, Ontario, our appliance repair services have emerged as the local hero for swift and dependable refrigerator repairs. Scarborough, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, tranquil lakes, and welcoming community, provides the perfect setting for our commitment to high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

With numerous years of devoted service to this close-knit community, we have established ourselves as the go-to solution for refrigerator repairs for all major household brands. Our team is well-attuned to the unique requirements of Scarborough residents and takes pride in delivering cost-effective same-day refrigerator repairs. What’s more, we stand behind our work with a generous up to 1-year warranty on parts and labor, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our competitive rates and unwavering dedication to excellence position us as the preferred choice for all your refrigerator repair needs in this splendid corner of Southern Ontario. We are honored to serve the fantastic residents of Scarborough, offering the dependable refrigerator repair solutions they deserve.

Pro Scarborough Refrigerator Repair

Repairing Over 50 Fridge Brands

Get A Pro Appliance Repair is your trusted appliance repair company for all things fridge repair. With our extensive expertise and specialized focus, we’ve earned our pride as the local pros when it comes to fixing and maintaining refrigerators. Our skilled team specializes in servicing over 50 of the most renowned fridge brands in Scarborough.

Our technicians have experience with different brands and models of refrigerators, from Amana and Whirlpool, and everything in between, including Bosch, Blomberg, Dacor, Electrolux, Fisher and Paykel, Frigidaire, Fulgor Milano, GE, Hotpoint, Ikea, Inglis, Jenn air, Kenmore, Kitchenaid, LG, Maytag, Miele, Samsung, Thermador, Viking, and other appliance brands.

Whether your refrigerator needs a quick fix or a big repair, we have the knowledge and skills to get the work done right in the first place. Allow us to provide you with the best fridge repair in Scarborough and surrounding regions.

Refrigerator Repair Scarborough

Scarborough is renowned for its beautiful natural landscapes, and one intriguing fact is its connection to the Scarborough Bluffs. These striking geological formations along the Lake Ontario shoreline are a prominent feature of the area. Over time, erosion has shaped the bluffs into picturesque cliffs, making them a unique and visually stunning aspect of Scarborough’s geography. They are not only a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts but also a symbol of the city’s natural beauty and environmental conservation efforts.

Get A Pro Appliance Repair takes pride in enriching the daily lives of Scarborough residents with our dependable appliance repair services. Our service area encompasses postal codes M1M, M1X, M1W, M1V, M1T, M1S, M1R, M1P, M1N, M1B, M1L, M1K, M1J, M1H, M1G, M1E, and M1C, ensuring households across Scarborough can benefit from our expert appliance maintenance and repair to keep their appliances, including fridge repair services, running smoothly.

Our Service Areas

Get A Pro Fridge Repair Near Me

Get A Pro Appliance Repair is pleased to expand our reliable services to the heart of Scarborough, located in the Greater Toronto Area. Our proficient technicians are at your disposal, prepared to promptly and skillfully address all your refrigerator repair, installation, and maintenance requirements. Whether you require an immediate refrigerator repair or prefer to arrange routine maintenance, we are here to guide you through the process.

Simply choose your nearest Scarborough location and secure your appointment for top-notch refrigerator repair in the region. We are committed to ensuring the smooth operation of your fridge in this charming part of Ontario.