9 Reasons Why a Whirlpool Dryer Doesn’t Start

9 Reasons Why a Whirlpool Dryer Doesn't Start
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1. Power Supply Issues

A properly functioning power supply is vital for your Whirlpool dryer to operate efficiently. When troubleshooting a dryer that won’t start, start by checking the power supply:

  • Ensure the dryer is properly plugged in and the outlet has power.
  • Check for loose or faulty connections, which can disrupt electrical flow.
  • Examine the circuit breaker or fuse box for tripped breakers or blown fuses.

If power issues persist:

  • Reset tripped breakers or replace blown fuses.
  • Consider consulting an electrician if problems persist.
  • Some dryers require a dedicated circuit due to higher power consumption.

Addressing these common power supply issues systematically can often resolve why your Whirlpool dryer won’t turn on. If not, further troubleshooting may be necessary. A DIY repair guide can be helpful, saving time and money in the long run.

2. Door Switch Malfunction

A common issue with Whirlpool dryers not starting is a faulty door switch, which prevents the unit from operating when the door isn’t securely closed. To troubleshoot:

  • Inspect the door switch for visible damage or loose wires.
  • Test continuity using a multimeter: unplug the dryer, disconnect wires from the switch, and measure continuity while activating the switch.
  • If there’s no continuity, the door switch is defective and needs replacement.

Tips for resolving door switch issues:

  • Clean dust or debris around the switch and latch area to ensure proper functioning.
  • Ensure the latch mechanism aligns correctly with the door.

3. Thermal Fuse Failure

Dealing with a Whirlpool dryer that won’t start often points to a blown thermal fuse, a safety component designed to prevent overheating. This can happen due to lint buildup or a faulty heating element, causing the fuse to fail. To fix:

  • Use a multimeter to test the thermal fuse for continuity.
  • Replace the fuse if no continuity is detected.
  • Clean lint buildup in the venting system before installing a new fuse.

4. Start Switch Problems

When troubleshooting a Whirlpool dryer that won’t start, the start switch could be a potential culprit. If this switch malfunctions, it can prevent the dryer from operating. Here are some common reasons and solutions:

  • Physical damage or wear and tear: Inspect the switch for visible damage like cracks or loose connections. Replace the faulty start switch if needed.
  • Electrical issues: Check for loose connections in the dryer’s power cord and blown fuses in the circuit breaker panel to ensure a stable power supply.
  • Electronic control board failure: If physical damage and power supply problems are ruled out, the electronic control board might be faulty. Seek professional assistance or contact Whirlpool customer support for guidance.

By inspecting the start switch, ensuring a stable power supply, and considering the electronic control board, you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue. If problems persist, seek professional help or contact Whirlpool directly.

5. Faulty Timer

A faulty timer is a common reason why your Whirlpool dryer may fail to start. It controls the dryer’s cycles, and if it malfunctions, it can disrupt the startup process entirely. One symptom is pressing the start button but experiencing silence, with no movement or sound.

  • Check for flashing error codes on the digital display panel.
  • Inspect wiring connections for damage or looseness.
  • Use a multimeter to test for continuity in the wiring circuitry.

Troubleshoot by checking for error codes and examining wiring connections. Use a multimeter to test continuity. If issues persist, seek professional help for safe and efficient resolution.

6. Broken Belt

A broken belt is a common reason why a Whirlpool dryer won’t start. The belt’s job is to rotate the drum for even drying of clothes. When it breaks, the dryer won’t start at all. Fixing it requires basic mechanical skills and a few tools.

  • Unplug Before Repair: Always ensure the dryer is unplugged and disconnected from power before starting repairs.
  • Access and Replace: Remove the top panel and possibly the front/back panel to access the belt. Replace by threading it through the idler and motor pulleys.
  • Test Operation: Reassemble the dryer and test by plugging it in. If successful, the motor should start up as usual.

Regular maintenance can prevent belt issues in Whirlpool dryers. Inspect belts periodically for wear and replace them to avoid disruptions. Keeping up with maintenance ensures smooth dryer operation.

7. Motor Issues

Motor issues in a Whirlpool dryer can prevent it from starting. The motor powers the drum and other components, but several problems can arise:

  • Jamming or Seizing: Buildup of lint or debris can jam the motor, preventing startup.
  • Worn-Out Bearings: Corroded or worn bearings may cause unusual noises and hinder startup.
  • Electrical Problems: Loose connections or faulty wiring can disrupt power flow to the motor.

To resolve these issues:

  • Clear Obstructions: Remove any debris from the motor assembly.
  • Replace Faulty Bearings: Install new bearings if they’re damaged or worn.
  • Check Electrical Connections: Ensure wires are intact and connections are secure.

Don’t overlook motor problems when troubleshooting your Whirlpool dryer. Proper diagnosis can help determine whether DIY repair is possible or if professional assistance is needed.

8. Electronic Control Board Failure

When troubleshooting startup issues with a dryer, a potential culprit might be a malfunctioning electronic control board. This component, acting as the dryer’s brain, can disrupt operations if it fails. Here’s how to address the problem:

  • Check for visible damage on the control board.
  • Use a multimeter to test voltage and continuity.
  • Refer to error codes for insight into specific issues.
  • Consider replacing the electronic control board if necessary.

Proper diagnosis through testing and consulting resources like manuals or DIY repair guides is essential before replacing the board. Professional assistance may also be beneficial for resolving the problem effectively.

9. Flashing Error Codes

Flashing error codes on your Whirlpool dryer repair provide insights into startup issues. Consulting the manual or Whirlpool’s website for code meanings is essential. Here are common codes and their implications:

  • “F-01”: Indicates electronic control board failure, hindering startup.
  • “F-22”: Points to a faulty door switch, disrupting power to vital components.
  • “F-70” or “F-71”: Indicates motor problems, such as communication issues or overheating.

Troubleshoot by ensuring the door closes securely and checking for motor obstructions. Consider replacing faulty components or seeking professional assistance for accurate diagnosis and resolution. Proper interpretation of error codes aids in making informed repair decisions.


Troubleshooting a Whirlpool dryer that won’t start can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding task. By understanding the common reasons behind this issue and utilizing the appropriate solutions, you can save time and money by fixing the problem yourself.

When faced with power supply issues, it is crucial to check whether the dryer is receiving adequate electrical power, ensuring that plugs are securely inserted into outlets and circuit breakers are not tripped. Additionally, investigating door switch problems can be instrumental in resolving startup issues – verifying if the switch is faulty or misaligned and making necessary adjustments or replacements.

As we conclude our exploration of why a Whirlpool dryer may refuse to start, it’s important to note that these troubleshooting steps are intended for informational purposes only and should be conducted by individuals with adequate knowledge of electrical appliances or under professional guidance. Safety precautions must always be observed when handling electrical components.


What are common factors leading to a Whirlpool dryer not starting?

Common factors leading to a Whirlpool dryer not initiating include issues with the door switch, thermal fuse, start switch, drive motor, electronic control board, or timer malfunctions.

Is it feasible for me to troubleshoot and address issues with the door switch or thermal fuse by myself?

Yes, it is feasible to troubleshoot and address issues with the door switch or thermal fuse by yourself. You can check for continuity using a multimeter and replace the faulty component if needed. Ensure the dryer is unplugged before attempting any repairs.

Are there DIY remedies for complications linked to the start switch or drive motor malfunctioning?

Certainly, there are DIY remedies for complications linked to the start switch or drive motor. You can inspect these components for wear, test for continuity, and replace them if necessary. Basic tools and the appliance’s manual can guide you through the process.

How should I manage problems arising from the electronic control board or timer causing startup difficulties?

If problems arise from the electronic control board or timer causing startup difficulties, you can try resetting the controls or replacing the faulty components. Refer to the appliance manual for guidance, and ensure the power is disconnected before attempting any repairs.

When is it recommended to seek professional help for Whirlpool dryer startup problems?

It is recommended to seek professional help for Whirlpool dryer startup problems when the troubleshooting steps and DIY remedies are unsuccessful, or if the issue involves intricate electronic components. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable with the repair process, a professional technician can provide accurate diagnosis and assistance.

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